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Delivering to the Sites

Workshops and Publications

We broadcast the message in workshops, papers, and company publications. People became used to the terminology and the general idea. We offered consultancy visits to assist them in the improvement process. Not surprisingly, most of those who replied were top performers. However, we managed to get a mix of locations so that our visit did not label a location as "failing" in any way.

Preparing for a Site Visit

Arrange a scouting visit to the site to smooth the path for a full visit. This is best done by one person or two as a maximum. They must be prepared for in-depth discussions with the site management. There should be no hidden agendas so it is important for both parties to be open and honest about the aims of the visit.

Each party must table information from all relevant sources to highlight perceived problems. The head office had only a limited amount of information about the site so it was important to get detailed site information to analyze before the formal visit. This may not be immediately available so a standard list of required information is useful.

There may be a complete understanding between the team from the head office and the site management but that doesn't always exist for site supervision and the workforce. Briefings or a simple mail-shot to advise the site what is going on, are essential. Also it is necessary to agree what information can be released to site personnel.

Agree on the team composition. This should reflect the focus of efforts, but areas scrutinized would always include Operations, Maintenance, Inspection, and Instrument/Electrical staff.

Physical facilities. Arrange for a room big enough for the visiting team and possibly a clerk. Additional space needs to be available for discussions.

Get a "gopher." These are people who can go for this or that and do it effectively. They can help you identify and arrange access to sources of information. Effective gophers will tell you also how the organization really works and who are the movers and shakers. They should arrange one-to-one interviews for team members so that they can hit the ground running.

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