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We had a European Managing Director (MD). The local staff (including me) did not expect him, as someone from a different culture, to understand the prevailing limitations, both cultural and social. To our surprise, he proved us wrong and did appreciate the nuances of the local attitudes and culture. He may not have agreed with these values, but he systematically went about the major changes required, without upsetting staff or the trade union. Some members of the management team privately disagreed with the MD's position. However, he was not going to be deterred from his chosen path.

Identifying Surpluses

Within maintenance, we had to identify all those people who met the skills profile and competency standards of the identified and approved positions. The numbers were determined by the principal's corporate norms after making some allowance for local variations. We justified the need for these allowances for each case, in writing. As a result, we were allowed to enlarge the maintenance numbers by about 10% over the norm. The rest, whose strength was around 50% of the existing maintenance manpower numbers, were physically separated from the main team, and moved to a new department.

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