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Critical Path Planning Capability

For the man who knows not what harbor he sails, no wind is the right wind.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman dramatist, philosopher, politician Author: Mahen Das

Location: 2.2.5 Oil Company Operating a Group of Petroleum Refineries


In my capacity as a Maintenance and Reliability Consultant from the head office, I visited the refineries and regional offices of this company a few times. The aim of these visits was to help them make improvements in maintenance and reliability of assets.

At the time of these events, although the region was technically advanced, the companies in this group had little computerization for maintenance management. They also did not have sufficient in-house capability for estimating and planning maintenance work. Hence they contracted out all such work fully, including the planning and execution of shutdowns. The company only provided overview supervision at a high level.

Project managers all over the world knew the benefits of Critical Path Planning (CPP), also called Network Planning, and this company was no exception. Their shutdown contracts required CPPs to be prepared and applied. Strangely, the contractors were not familiar with commercially- available software for this purpose, so they would produce CPPs manually to meet contractual requirements.

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