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Treading on Eggshells

I organized an impromptu presentation on "Appreciating Benefits of Critical Path Planning," and made sure that the movers and shakers in the operations and engineering organizations attended it. We had a very lively ques- tion-and-answer session after the presentation, lasting an hour. I got a clear signal that all attendees had grasped the essence of CPP and its benefits. They had also grasped the lack of substance in their shutdown contracts. It dawned upon them that they had been losing the return on their investment in CPP.

The difficult question was how to redeem the situation. We decided to train a number of staff in computerized CPP, from their own organization as well as from those of the contractors. I offered assistance in organizing such training.

The idea of combining their own staff with contractors took some more selling. Eventually, the proposal was accepted. It was agreed that a selected number of staff and contractor personnel would be trained in time for the forthcoming series of shutdowns. They finally identified a group of 12 people; 6 of them were their own staff and 6 were contractors' personnel.

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