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  • 1. Computerized Critical Path Planning enables efficient execution of plant shutdowns and new projects. In order to draw the maximum benefit:
    • • Actual progress must be reviewed periodically during the execution of the plan.
    • •The plan must be updated on the basis of this periodic review.
  • 2. There should be in-house capability for computerized CPP. Without this, the client will be fully dependent on the contractor. The result is that the full benefits of CPP cannot be realized.
  • 3. When contractors and the company's own staff work as one team for a project, the feeling of ownership is greatly enhanced.


All investments have to be justified by their business benefits. Resources will be wasted by pursuing technology for its own sake rather than its business benefits. If this link is lost, performance will drop.

Individuals and companies can slide into using work processes and technologies without appreciating their true value. It is often easier for outsiders to recognize the situation, so external reviews are valuable.

Cultural issues are important, and reviewers have to be able to understand these before suggesting corrective actions.

Promoting teamwork between competing interests can result in a win-win situation.

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