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Electrical Maintenance Stratagies

...D oin g unnecessary wor k won' t sto p failures

The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss, but that it is too low and we reach it


Author: Jim Wardhaugh

Location: 2.3.4 Small Complex Refinery in Europe


I had been working in the Projects and Technical groups in this refinery for a couple of years. My leader decided that I should move from there to take over the electrical maintenance section. He did not think that the fact that I knew nothing about maintenance was a problem. I remember him saying that, as we don't have significant problems there, I should just carry on doing what has been done in the past. Maybe do a bit of fine tuning?

I had three engineers, a host of supervisors, and a horde of electricians, the number of which would have made Genghis Khan swell with pride. I had no idea what these electricians did to fill their day. What was a bit worrying was that neither did the engineers and supervisors. Although I knew nothing about maintenance, the size of my electrician horde made me suspect that they were either busy doing unnecessary work or not busy at all. Eventually I found that it was a lot of both.

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