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Intermediate Work Packages

Within the plant area, some structures, equipment, and piping suffered severe corrosion damage, due to the local service conditions. In general, we were dealing with painted surfaces less than 10,000 square feet in area. We prepared work packages for these, with detailed specifications. These were for surface preparation, primer, and finish coat details and dry film thickness. They had to apply paint during dry weather conditions. We provided scaffolding material and paints free of charge, so the contractors only needed to cover labor costs and consumables. This limited their capital expenditure and overheads.

We used the minor work tendering procedure to process these packages, through small local contractors. Processing time was relatively short, so these did not need as much forward planning as the large contracts discussed above.

Small Work Packages

Our own staff painted some special items such as control valves or pumps. These items suffered coating damage through use or corrosion due to service conditions. The painted surface areas were usually less than 1000 square feet. Our staff helped manage urgent work with reduced supervision.

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