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Prioritization of Work

The refinery already had in place a prioritization method for maintenance work. This was based on an estimation of the business risk if a task was NOT carried out. It had been in use for some time but it was open to individual interpretation of consequence and probability. This led to emotive discussions at times. Another refinery had developed and used a risk matrix for this purpose (see Chapter 26, Figure 26.1). Using a similar process, they developed a risk assessment matrix (RAM). This is, illustrated in Figure 24.2.

Launch of the New System

It took three weeks to complete all work relating to the preparation of the 104 week look-ahead plan. Once they launched it, daily scrutiny and challenge of all emergent work began in right earnest with the help of the newly-adopted matrix. During the first two weeks, none of the emergent tasks were assigned the top priority. In the first year, they needed to add 5 jobs a week on average to the next week's schedule and just 1 job a week to the current week's schedule.

Long Look-Ahead plan 195

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