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  • 1. Top management can create the environment necessary for consistent high performance.
  • 2. The techniques of Reliability Centered Maintenance and Risk Based Inspection enable creation of weekly schedules a long time into the future.
  • 3. This level of planning with optimized long-term schedules gives significant benefits.
  • 4. An effective rational system for prioritization of work is essential for the success of a planning system.
  • 5. With fixed and dependable schedules which are published well ahead, workers need not wait for task allocation. This eliminates delay and wastage of time.


Adopting the right business process can bring a step change in performance. Implementing such changes requires careful planning and preparation, and they must blend with the local social and cultural environment. The use of the best available technologies, tools, and software support can enhance this process significantly. Before using these, we need a stable environment where proper systems are already in place and working well.

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