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Inspection Results

A systematic and thorough inspection revealed the following:

  • • Sections of roads with potholes
  • • Culverts choked with debris, contributing to pipe track flooding
  • • Badly deteriorated storage tank foundation pads
  • • Partially choked drainage channels, contributing to pipe track flooding
  • • Cracks in the concrete jetty structure

Where Do We Start?

When funds are scarce we have to prioritize work so that resources may be used to maximum benefit. For this we needed a methodology to take rational decisions. But we did not have such a methodology. I was at my wit's end in trying to find a solution and sought help from my colleagues in the management team. The finance and commercial managers thought they could help. They were using what they described as decision matrices; one for deciding when to buy foreign currencies and another to decide when to buy crude oil or sell products on the spot market.

We set up a cross-functional team comprising a maintenance engineer, an operations day assistant, an inspector, and a young economist from the finance function. We asked them to design a simple decision matrix, similar to the ones already in use in Finance, which could help prioritize maintenance projects. They were to report back in two days.

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