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Finding the Money

The budget for the year included projects of various magnitudes, e.g., overhaul of a number of major items of rotating equipment, cleaning, and internal inspection of a number of storage tanks. These were justified by historical time-based logic. We reviewed these projects with the new matrix and ranked them in the same manner as the new infra-structure projects. This process helped displace some of the already-approved projects with some new ones. The jetty and pipe-track projects mentioned above were among the justified projects.

From that time onward, we used the decision matrix for all maintenance budgeting work.


One more piece of the puzzle was in place to keep us on our improvement path. There were no further serious incidents, thanks to the diversion of funds into the infrastructure projects. Many people at working level applied the matrix to evaluate business risks. This helped us communicate the method to a larger section of the employees. We were also able to demonstrate to pressure groups that we had a sound, logical approach to manage risks.

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