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Establishing Work Scope

The objective was to make one integrated plan for all disciplines and then execute it on an integrated basis and seamlessly. We gathered wish lists from all the disciplines and scrutinized them objectively. We could determine whether all listed tasks were in line with the premise and objectives, and justified in the business context. Risk-based techniques for optimization of maintenance work were unknown in the process industry at that time. In Chapter 26, we discussed a decision matrix and its use. From that matrix, we designed a simple risk matrix for classifying the items in the shutdown wish list, shown in Figure 29.1.

A team comprising the planning engineer, the operations supervisor, and a representative of the discipline whose list was under discussion scrutinized every task in the wish list.

From this we produced a consolidated list of work, which we froze at this stage. We used this list to plan and prepare the shutdown. Any additional work proposed after the list was frozen had to cross a tough economic hurdle. We justified the use of this hurdle as an aid to prevent the costly interruption to the progress of the planning process.

Risk Assessment Matrix

Figure 29.1 Risk Assessment Matrix

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