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  • 1. Accepting existing practices without a challenge can lead to stagnation, especially with regard to shutdowns.
  • 2. Unbiased observations can yield large benefits, especially if they are made holistically, looking at the whole process, not just the maintenance part.
  • 3. Business benefits must be the drivers for maintenance improvement, not merely technical excellence.
  • 4. Team members, whether in operations, process technology, or maintenance, can make important contributions to the business. It does not matter whether they are technicians, supervisors, or managers; ideas come from unexpected sources. By drawing on the knowledge, experience, ingenuity, and support of all those involved, it was possible to make the improvements fairly quickly. This requires good team work and communication.
  • 5. By computing and demonstrating the value added - in this case

US$ 1.7m p.a., we raised the maintenance profile, and demolished the myth that maintenance was merely a cost.


Any business situation can offer improvement opportunities. But first we need clear goals so we can recognize these opportunities.

Looking after people makes good business sense.

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