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Analysis of Cleaning Activity

The civil engineering supervisor, the Planning Engineer (and co-author) Mahen Das, and I analyzed the cleaning process. The existing process was resource intensive and clumsy. The four-gallon buckets held fairly small quanti?ties, and larger buckets were unwieldy. Transporting half-drums up and down in the elevator was a slow process as there was only one elevator. The removal of the filled half-drums was a logistical nightmare. The whole process needed to be re-engineered.


The civil engineering supervisor was toying with an idea, but realized he needed help. He put forth a set of questions, as follows:

  • • Can we use a dump truck rather than trolleys to cart away the debris?
  • • There is already one central 18" nozzle for the air inlet to the spider.

Can we introduce a new 24" nozzle on the bottom dish of the


• Will we allow cleaners to work in the bottom dish along with the

welders and fitters?

All of these were feasible, but we had to examine some details. We had to check the relevant codes before proceeding with the design of the new 24" nozzle, and complete the risk assessment; these steps were required in any case to fulfill the change control procedures.

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