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The supervisor's idea was innovative and practical. He suggested we drag and drop the debris on the bottom dish through the new 24" nozzle to a temporary chute placed below this opening. The chute would slope down towards a loading point, where the debris could be dropped into the bed of a dump truck. We checked it for feasibility and engineering design code requirements.

Proposed Arrangement for Removal of Debris

Figure 38.3 Proposed Arrangement for Removal of Debris

We had to design the nozzle, chute, and its structure, but these were relatively simple tasks. The chute had a sliding door at the truck end to allow control of the debris flow into the truck. The arrangement is illustrated in Figure 38.3.


The vessel could be cleaned continuously during the shutdown. Instead of an extra 2 days for cleaning, we could shorten it by 2-3 days. Since the activity was on the critical path, the whole shutdown duration could be reduced by 2-3 days. The new cleaning procedure was worth 5-6 days of shutdown duration, on this occasion and 2-3 days for all future shutdowns as well. The effort required for the work would be reduced by about 80-100 man-days.

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