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  • 1. Innovative solutions can be found when the objectives are clearly under stood by all the members of the team. Such innovations are not the exclusive preserve of design engineers or managers.
  • 2. When we are receptive to ideas, especially those from the field supervisors or technicians, we enlarge our pool of brainpower. Some of these ideas may be quite brilliant, and add good value.

We must exercise change control procedures rigorously when modifying any asset or when changing an established procedure.


Innovation is like a tender plant; it needs nurturing and support. Novel ideas may sometimes be half-baked and need further development. The person suggesting the idea may not always be capable of developing it, and other resources may be needed. Innovation thrives in an environment where people are receptive and support one another. The leader's job is to point everyone in the right direction, so they not only understand the goals, but also recognize and support the contributions of team members when they come up with suggestions.

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