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Electrical Failures

Scrutiny of the data showed three prime causes of electrical failures:

  • • Catastrophic failure due to bearing collapse and rotor rubbing on the stator
  • • Water ingress due to cooler leaks or cleaning with high-pressure water hoses

• Breakage of connections (due often to inadequate bracing)

There did seem to be some deterioration of motors with age. This was most apparent in large motors with a high starting frequency. We found that the larger the machine, the higher it was stressed. Manufacturers had algorithms which could predict the end of useful life with reasonable accuracy. For this they needed service and operational data, such as frequency of starts. This might be worth doing for older machines in critical services.

Bearing Failures

Scrutiny of the data showed four main causes of (premature) bearing failure:

  • • Wrong (or inadequate) bearing installed
  • • Poor installation practice causing initial damage to the bearing
  • • Poor lubrication regime
  • • Poor alignment of driver and driven
Seven Locations Compared

Figure 39.1 Seven Locations Compared

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