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A short course of lectures
«Effective Client Management in Professional Services»

Client-related objectivesThe Impact of MergersInnovative Contact StrategiesMeetings and conversionsInnovations that Impact ClientsFee income levelClient relationship managementAffiliation factorsBusiness Development Needs Focus and Metrics to be SuccessfulExcellence in Client Care Leads to Achieving Preferred Supplier StatusPublish Your Client SuccessesThe proposal documentMoments of TruthSelecting your bidteamAnother Example of Calculating the NPSCreating client interest through thought leadershipChallenges AheadThought Leadership and its Impact on ClientsSynopsisWho Should Find this Book UsefulThe Challenge of Attracting New ClientsImpact on Clients of a Firm's StructurePREPARE PROPOSALCompetitor Regulation Impact on ClientsClient satisfactionSecurity factorsAchievement factorsPower and Influence of ClientsSynopsisBenefits of CRMEstablishing a Client CharterProducing Client Case StudiesAppraise and reward excellenceDEVELOP A SOLUTIONClient ManagementRole Description for a Strategic Client Manager in a Professional Services FirmThought FollowershipThe Performance 'Gap'BUILD A CONTINUING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPIdentifying Performance 'Gaps'Rewarding Excellence in Client SatisfactionBrandAttracting prospective clients at eventsClient SegmentationSynopsisStrategicCalculating the Value of the 'Promoter' ClientsExamples of Client Service ModelsClient CareRelationships: Client Relationship DevelopmentSynopsisArticles and MagazinesDevelopthe relationshipThe importance of listening and questioningClient Satisfaction and Loyalty Developing a Value PropositionGrowing the Client Base Strategically and ProfitablyOverall role: a relationship builderInnovative Firms Attract ClientsStrategic Client Planning Process for Major PurchasesDiscuss client feedback to establish service goalsWays of classifying Clients for focusClient Relationship Development Knowing the Firm's Most Loyal ClientsGetting the Best from a CRM SystemFeatures, Advantages, Benefits and EvidenceCreation of Tailored Networks for ClientsDeveloping Client TrustDeveloping a Culture of Client Orientation Using the Net Promoter Score to Rate Client SatisfactionClient Orientation is EssentialBranding and messaging auditsAnalysing Client Satisfaction Survey ResponsesLack of common goalsInnovation: Innovations that Impact ClientsPresenting your proposalKnowledge of Buying Processes and Structures is Vital to Win New BusinessSocial CRM in Professional ServicesGaining ReputationDeveloping KPIsAdding Testimonials to the FunnelPRE-CONTACT ANALYSISPrioritising ClientsCreating interest through sponsorshipSales Pipeline ManagementThe Challenges of Developing Strong Client RelationshipsLiving the brandContact with ClientsSponsorshipClient MappingWinning Proposals and BidsThe Use of Technology to Target ClientsWhat this Book is AboutClients and Corporate Social ResponsibilityClient Representation at Board LevelThe Importance of ReferralsCRM SystemMarket ConsolidationDifferentiationSynopsisClient ExpectationsIssue-Based Marketing CampaignsPoor, or unclear, communicationAn Innovative Merger of Law FirmsBusiness DevelopmentThe challenges of diversityHow International Clients Buy Professional ServicesMessagingDeclining to respond to a RFPUsing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Explain Client SatisfactionThe Power of Client Testimonials in Attracting New BusinessThe Developing Role of the Client Manager in Professional ServicesThe client's requirements and processes -10 key questions to be answeredPricing PoliciesEngagementRelationship Evaluation ProcessThe brand promiseThe Client/Partner/Manager Needs DilemmaMedia Relations and its Impact on ClientsClients Working with Their Advisors to Develop New ServicesSector FocusThe Role of the International HQTaking on New ClientsMetricsDevelopment: Establishing an Effective Client Business Development ProgrammeBrand, Differentiation and Positioning CourtshipBid evaluationMarket Development Impact on Clients in Emerging MarketsSynopsisMoving Activities into ProgressionsOBTAIN AGREEMENTBrand identityThe Aim of Client Relationship DevelopmentPositive commentsMonitoring and celebrating the success rate of proposals and bidsClient Satisfaction Yields InsightsAn example of avalue proposition from an accountancy firmClients that DefectThe Increasingly Mobile ClientSpeaking EngagementsClient Satisfaction Breeds LoyaltyWho Manages Client Care?Reputation: Gaining Reputation with ClientsTalent Management and DevelopmentThe Way AheadPortfolio Management is a Strategic PriorityThe Client ExperienceLead, plan, researchInitial ThoughtsThe Use of Data Analytics to Segment ClientsThe Brand Challenges AheadEstablishing an International Client Satisfaction ProgrammeProject ManagementDescribing the FirmValue to your firmAttention to DetailConferences and Other EventsInfluencing factorsBuyers: How Clients Buy Professional ServicesProspectingResponding to Proposals and Bids: A Step-by-Step ProcessIDENTIFY AND GAIN AGREEMENT ON NEEDSAdding Referrals to the Sales PipelineProposals: Developing Winning Client Proposals and BidsThe Challenges of Reputation ManagementClient analysisThe Increasingly Mobile ClientAbout the AuthorAcknowledgementsSecure top-level support and regular communicationsKey challengesSatisfaction: Client Satisfaction and LoyaltyHow Clients Think and FeelCRM System FunctionalityLevel of client effortRegular CommunicationAnalysing and Mapping the Client DMUThe Evolution of Marketing in Professional Services FirmsOther Innovations Used by Professional Services Firms Qualitative Aspects of Client Satisfaction InterviewsMemberships of Industry Groups and NetworksBackground research on the clientTypical competencesSelect each otherManaging the Client PortfolioClient Relationship Management and CRM systemsBid or no bid?The Growth of Digitised Content MarketingWhat's in a (Brand) Name?Review progress ofthe relationshipTypical business drivers researched in market segmentationThe Evolution of Strategic Marketing and its Impact on ClientsWell-managed Mergers Can Improve a Firm's Market PositionMaking a Difference to ClientsSocial Media Channel UsageContactingOrganising to Serve International ClientsThe Growing Importance of Business DevelopmentSources of your credentialsFurther Research with 'Promoters'The Challenges of Managing International ClientsClient Data Mining and Data AnalyticsLaunching a CRM ProgrammeCreating unusual social eventsMeeting the client to understand their requirementsSynopsisThe Evolving Commercial ModelInnovative MergersClient Care Survey ResultsCare: The Role of Client CareRecruiting the Best TalentTargetingA Hierarchy of Value Propositions May Be NeededKey Client Selection and ManagementDirect Marketing and PodcastsBenchmarking Surveys for Competitor ComparisonDecision Maker AnalysisSynopsisWell-managed Bids and Proposals Help to Grow the BusinessClient Care in Action Helps Client RetentionBrandingSupplier selection and evaluation factorsCSR ProgrammesProposals and BidsClient PanelsSynopsisOrganising around sectorsAN EXAMPLE OF SEGMENTATIONSynopsisThe ChallengeBrand Creation and DevelopmentThe Enlightened FirmClient-facing processesTypes of Client RelationshipThe power of referrals in attracting new clientsEvent Planning KPIsAgree the desired level for the relationshipPrepare for the relationshipEstablishing a Client Care ProgrammeUsing Social Media Channels to Build Client RelationshipsInnovative ProposalsInnovative Service DevelopmentProbing NPSsStrategicThe Importance of Regular Contact with ClientsSector ConsolidationEstablishing a Client Satisfaction ProgrammeSynopsisSELECT OPPORTUNITIESGetting to Know Your Peers in the Client's OrganisationPRESENT AND CLOSEThe Service Matrix - Capability vs DeliveryThe Firm's Culture: Do Partners, Profits or Clients Come First?Skills of the strategic client managerIncomeWebsites that Attract InterestDocument the relationshipOrientation: Developing a Culture of Client OrientationHow Clients Buy Professional Services Recognising Service ExcellenceSynopsisCOST-JUSTIFY THE SOLUTIONSetting KPIs to Improve the Firm's ResultsProposal and Bid ContentSynopsisBenefits to ClientsSynopsisOpportunisticTracking prospective and past clientsSources of ReputationAn Orchestrated PerformanceThe Importance of Having Media-trained EmployeesThe Importance of Leveraging Alumni RelationshipsClient Touch PointsAdvertising and Digital Media ChannelsBrand: Brand, Differentiation and Positioning and their Impact on ClientsGetting to Know the Buyers and their OrganisationPortfolio: Managing the Client PortfolioStructuring the BD OperationPositioning the Firm with ClientsKnowing the Firm's Top ClientsThe Impact on Clients of Mergers among FirmsSector focusInfluence factorsBuyer Motivations in More Detail Market positionStrategic Client ManagementThe Client Relationship Development ProcessEmployee Engagement and its Impact on ClientsCharacteristics of Loyal ClientsThe Way Ahead for Clients of Professional Services FirmsPrefaceRaising awareness in non-clients about your firmAttracting New ClientsNegative commentsAttraction: Attracting New ClientsClient CareCharacteristics of a Culture of Client OrientationClassifying ClientsThe Root Causes of Failure in Client ServiceThe Importance of Client Service PlansRelationship TrackingGAIN COMMITMENT OFTHE DECISION MAKERAllow time for new behaviours to happenTargets and Metrics for Client Satisfaction
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