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A short course of lectures
«Effective Client Management in Professional Services»

Analysing and Mapping the Client DMUDocument the relationshipInitial ThoughtsSynopsisOther Innovations Used by Professional Services Firms Recruiting the Best TalentGaining ReputationDescribing the FirmBranding and messaging auditsOrientation: Developing a Culture of Client OrientationStrategicClient CarePricing PoliciesWell-managed Mergers Can Improve a Firm's Market PositionClient Relationship Management and CRM systemsClient Care Survey ResultsThe Power of Client Testimonials in Attracting New BusinessEstablishing a Client CharterKnowing the Firm's Most Loyal ClientsHow Clients Buy Professional Services SynopsisClient PanelsInnovative MergersThe Service Matrix - Capability vs DeliveryEstablishing a Client Care ProgrammeRelationships: Client Relationship DevelopmentMarket Development Impact on Clients in Emerging MarketsMarket ConsolidationEstablishing an International Client Satisfaction ProgrammeConferences and Other EventsThe Client/Partner/Manager Needs DilemmaGetting to Know Your Peers in the Client's OrganisationLiving the brandProposals: Developing Winning Client Proposals and BidsThe Evolution of Marketing in Professional Services FirmsSelect each otherStrategic Client Planning Process for Major PurchasesThe Importance of Leveraging Alumni RelationshipsTypical business drivers researched in market segmentationInfluence factorsClient ExpectationsBrandingThe Importance of Client Service PlansContactingAttracting prospective clients at eventsKnowing the Firm's Top ClientsCOST-JUSTIFY THE SOLUTIONRegular CommunicationPRESENT AND CLOSEImpact on Clients of a Firm's StructureStrategic Client ManagementClient Satisfaction and Loyalty Classifying ClientsGrowing the Client Base Strategically and ProfitablyTargets and Metrics for Client SatisfactionClient Touch PointsUsing Social Media Channels to Build Client RelationshipsBuyer Motivations in More Detail Skills of the strategic client managerDeveloping a Culture of Client Orientation Typical competencesAdding Testimonials to the FunnelSetting KPIs to Improve the Firm's ResultsAdding Referrals to the Sales PipelineThe Enlightened FirmClients that DefectMedia Relations and its Impact on ClientsAttention to DetailProposals and BidsAbout the AuthorPoor, or unclear, communicationPrefaceValue to your firmThe Firm's Culture: Do Partners, Profits or Clients Come First?SynopsisCourtshipPositioning the Firm with ClientsMetricsClient CareDiscuss client feedback to establish service goalsBusiness DevelopmentBrand Creation and DevelopmentAppraise and reward excellenceClients and Corporate Social ResponsibilityHow Clients Think and FeelBid or no bid?AN EXAMPLE OF SEGMENTATIONChallenges AheadThe Performance 'Gap'Lead, plan, researchSynopsisRelationship TrackingClient relationship managementMoving Activities into ProgressionsRewarding Excellence in Client SatisfactionUsing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs to Explain Client SatisfactionAn Innovative Merger of Law FirmsUsing the Net Promoter Score to Rate Client SatisfactionAn example of avalue proposition from an accountancy firmThe Use of Technology to Target ClientsBenefits of CRMClient ManagementRelationship Evaluation ProcessAcknowledgementsFurther Research with 'Promoters'The Importance of Having Media-trained EmployeesTaking on New ClientsBenefits to ClientsClient-facing processesStructuring the BD OperationInnovations that Impact ClientsLevel of client effortSelecting your bidteamSupplier selection and evaluation factorsThe Growth of Digitised Content MarketingBackground research on the clientOpportunisticCreating unusual social eventsBrand, Differentiation and Positioning Qualitative Aspects of Client Satisfaction InterviewsReputation: Gaining Reputation with ClientsClients Working with Their Advisors to Develop New ServicesKey Client Selection and ManagementBuyers: How Clients Buy Professional ServicesThe Use of Data Analytics to Segment ClientsManaging the Client PortfolioCreation of Tailored Networks for ClientsStrategicThe Increasingly Mobile ClientMessagingNegative commentsEstablishing a Client Satisfaction ProgrammeDirect Marketing and PodcastsThe Growing Importance of Business DevelopmentClient satisfactionThe Client Relationship Development ProcessThe Role of the International HQGetting to Know the Buyers and their OrganisationMarket positionClient MappingWebsites that Attract InterestGAIN COMMITMENT OFTHE DECISION MAKERClient Relationship Development Getting the Best from a CRM SystemAgree the desired level for the relationshipAchievement factorsBrandSynopsisThe importance of listening and questioningWays of classifying Clients for focusThe Aim of Client Relationship DevelopmentMoments of TruthMaking a Difference to ClientsWell-managed Bids and Proposals Help to Grow the BusinessThe client's requirements and processes -10 key questions to be answeredSector focusPresenting your proposalIdentifying Performance 'Gaps'Meeting the client to understand their requirementsClient Data Mining and Data AnalyticsEngagementPower and Influence of ClientsProject ManagementThe ChallengeThe Developing Role of the Client Manager in Professional ServicesThe proposal documentDifferentiationClient Orientation is EssentialThe Brand Challenges AheadSynopsisSynopsisThe Importance of ReferralsDeveloping Client TrustDevelopthe relationshipEvent Planning KPIsTracking prospective and past clientsBrand: Brand, Differentiation and Positioning and their Impact on ClientsLack of common goalsSecure top-level support and regular communicationsBUILD A CONTINUING BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPTalent Management and DevelopmentHow International Clients Buy Professional ServicesRaising awareness in non-clients about your firmExamples of Client Service ModelsPositive commentsContact with ClientsArticles and MagazinesThe Impact of MergersOrganising to Serve International ClientsCompetitor Regulation Impact on ClientsSponsorshipEmployee Engagement and its Impact on ClientsExcellence in Client Care Leads to Achieving Preferred Supplier StatusSynopsisTargetingAn Orchestrated PerformanceClient SegmentationInnovative Contact StrategiesSynopsisAdvertising and Digital Media ChannelsAttracting New ClientsReview progress ofthe relationshipOverall role: a relationship builderDeclining to respond to a RFPCSR ProgrammesThe brand promiseCare: The Role of Client CareFeatures, Advantages, Benefits and EvidenceAffiliation factorsPortfolio: Managing the Client PortfolioBid evaluationOBTAIN AGREEMENTSynopsisLaunching a CRM ProgrammeIssue-Based Marketing CampaignsWho Manages Client Care?Client analysisAnalysing Client Satisfaction Survey ResponsesThe Importance of Regular Contact with ClientsSector FocusDecision Maker AnalysisOrganising around sectorsPRE-CONTACT ANALYSISClient Care in Action Helps Client RetentionBusiness Development Needs Focus and Metrics to be SuccessfulSatisfaction: Client Satisfaction and LoyaltyThe Challenge of Attracting New ClientsProposal and Bid ContentSynopsisCRM System FunctionalityCreating interest through sponsorshipPublish Your Client SuccessesCharacteristics of a Culture of Client OrientationCalculating the Value of the 'Promoter' ClientsSocial CRM in Professional ServicesCRM SystemProbing NPSsIncomeRole Description for a Strategic Client Manager in a Professional Services FirmProducing Client Case StudiesSynopsisSynopsisClient Satisfaction Breeds LoyaltyKnowledge of Buying Processes and Structures is Vital to Win New BusinessA Hierarchy of Value Propositions May Be NeededThe Challenges of Managing International ClientsCharacteristics of Loyal ClientsSocial Media Channel UsageThe Evolving Commercial ModelCreating client interest through thought leadershipPortfolio Management is a Strategic PriorityThought FollowershipInnovative Service DevelopmentSources of ReputationMonitoring and celebrating the success rate of proposals and bidsSynopsisRecognising Service ExcellenceThe Way Ahead for Clients of Professional Services FirmsAttraction: Attracting New ClientsThe Evolution of Strategic Marketing and its Impact on ClientsMeetings and conversionsSources of your credentialsClient Satisfaction Yields InsightsFee income levelWhat this Book is AboutBrand identityWinning Proposals and BidsThe Way AheadIDENTIFY AND GAIN AGREEMENT ON NEEDSPrepare for the relationshipWhat's in a (Brand) Name?Prioritising ClientsSector ConsolidationSecurity factorsSELECT OPPORTUNITIESThe Increasingly Mobile ClientClient-related objectivesAllow time for new behaviours to happenDevelopment: Establishing an Effective Client Business Development ProgrammeSpeaking EngagementsResponding to Proposals and Bids: A Step-by-Step ProcessThe Challenges of Developing Strong Client RelationshipsDeveloping KPIsInfluencing factorsDeveloping a Value PropositionPREPARE PROPOSALTypes of Client RelationshipThe Impact on Clients of Mergers among FirmsProspectingInnovation: Innovations that Impact ClientsThe power of referrals in attracting new clientsThought Leadership and its Impact on ClientsInnovative ProposalsSales Pipeline ManagementBenchmarking Surveys for Competitor ComparisonThe Challenges of Reputation ManagementDEVELOP A SOLUTIONThe Root Causes of Failure in Client ServiceInnovative Firms Attract ClientsMemberships of Industry Groups and NetworksWho Should Find this Book UsefulAnother Example of Calculating the NPSThe challenges of diversityKey challengesClient Representation at Board LevelThe Client Experience
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