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In this chapter I have indicated the scope and potential offered by the use of the building as a framing image in therapeutic work and offered some guidance on its application in clinical practice. The image of the house has a long history of being used as a symbol of the self in counselling and psychotherapy. However, the particular work presented in this book is unusual because it focuses explicitly on the structural dimensions of the building image rather than its contents. By so doing, the interactive communicative process that is facilitated by mental imagery concentrates directly on the individual’s psychological structure. Initially, the image can offer helpful insights into this fundamental dimension of the self and it can then go on to provide a productive site for ongoing work which, in my experience, often generates significant positive change and development for the client. In Chapter 11 I will be returning to discuss further how working with the building image can be integrated into ongoing counselling and psychotherapy practice. In particular I will be discussing how the building image combined with two other framing images offers a powerful multi-aspected vehicle for therapeutic processes.


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