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EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE: STAYING INFORMED AND TRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE AND POLICYHome VisitsHISTORICAL PERSPECTIVEScanning the EnvironmentTitle ProtectionSolutions: Roles for APRNsREST'S FOUR-COMPONENT MODELCLINICAL DECISION MAKING AS UNDERSTOOD FROM PRACTICETHE ART AND SCIENCE OF NURSINGROLE OF THE APRN IN GLOBAL RESEARCHMedicaidProfessional PortfolioInformation LiteracyScope of PracticeWHAT IS NURSING?SELECTED ENTITIES AND PROVIDER SYSTEMS The Science of NursingPROCESSES, FOCUS, AND FRAMEWORKSInformation ManagementCONDUCTING GLOBAL RESEARCHREIMBURSEMENT REALITIES FOR THE APRNDecision-Making Processes: Research in Clinical ReasoningBARRIERS TO TRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICE AND POLICYThe NetherlandsMicro-Level SolutionsADVANCED CLINICAL DECISION MAKINGPUBLIC POLICY: THE PROCESSADVANCED PRACTICE WITHIN A NURSING PARADIGMOrganizing Clinical Knowledge for PracticeBROADER GLOBAL TRENDS AND NEEDSThe Culture of Safety and QualityADVANCED PRACTICE NURSING WITHIN HEALTH CARE SETTINGS: ORGANIZATIONAL ROLESProvider SystemsAnalysis of OrganizationsBARRIERS FOR ICTsThe Policy Process and the Nursing ProcessHealth Care Medical BrigadesGUIDELINES FOR PUBLICATION AND PRESENTATIONSCHOLARSHIP OF PRACTICE AND PROFESSIONALISMClinical Reasoning in NursingAnalysis of Health InformationClinical PrivilegesINTERPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATIVE TEAMS AND EDUCATION: ROLES FOR THE APRNETHICAL CONCEPTS AND DEFINITIONSLeadership Development in Educational programsCredentialsCertifying BodiesINTERNATIONALOVERVIEW OF ADVANCED PRACTICE REGISTERED NURSINGWorking CollaborativelyAPRN Practice FocusLEADERSHIP AND HEALTH POLICYMedicareLocating Job OpportunitiesHIT COMPETENCIES FOR NURSE PRACTITIONERS (NPs)ROLE OF THE APRN IN EDUCATION DELIVERY AND CONSULTATIONKNOWLEDGE, SKILL, AND COMPETENCIESAPRNs and Doctoral EducationLIABILITYAPRN Practice FrameworksEVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICEKey APRN Marketing TasksAustraliaGLOBAL HEALTH: DYNAMIC ROLES FOR THE APRN/APNSources of AnswersINFLUENCE OF HISTORYSystem / Organizational BarriersApplication of Competencies to the APRN RoleHEALTH CARE POLICY: IMPLICATIONS FOR ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICETeam MeetingsIII: TRANSITIONS TO THE ADVANCED PRACTICE ROLETeam Member Injuries/Serious IllnessesIndemnity InsurersI: FOUNDATIONS OF ADVANCED NURSING PRACTICEII: IMPLEMENTATION OF THE APRN ROLEProcessIn-Country DebriefingIrelandRelationship Between Critical Thinking and Clinical Decision MakingTools to Support and Enhance Clinical Decision Making in Advanced Practice NursingPRACTICE ISSUES: REGULATION, CERTIFICATION, CLINICAL PRIVILEGES, PRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITY, AND LIABILITYMULTIFACETED ROLES OF THE APRNAccreditation of Educational ProgramsSystems SupportOrganizational InfluencesInterviewingManaged Care Organizations (MCOs)Pretravel PreparationsAgencies Involved in the Global APRN ExperienceOrganizational Climate and CultureNurse PractitionersCharacteristics of the Question or Clinical ProblemDefinitions of NursingThinking ClinicallyHeuristics in Advanced Practice NursingProfessional SocializationCurrent HIT Controversies and FailuresADVANCED PRACTICE REGISTERED NURSING: THEN AND NOWKEYS TO APPLYING ETHICAL GUIDELINESAPRNs and the Concept of PowerEMPLOYMENT STRATEGIES FOR THE APRNInnovative Health TechnologyProfessional AccountabilityPost trip DebriefingPreparing the APRN for Global ExperiencesPRESENTING TO PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYERAdditional ConsiderationsMacro-Level SolutionsReferrals/Transfer to the HospitalINAUGURATING YOUR ADVANCED PRACTICE CAREERResumes, Curricula Vitae, and Cover LettersHEALTH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR THE APRNSOLUTIONS: A ROLE FOR APRNsEthics and Responsibilities: Approach to CareREIMBURSEMENT STRUCTURES REGULATIONTHE APRN AS ENGAGED CITIZENU.S. REIMBURSEMENT TRENDSState of APRN Research in the WorldFulbright Programs and Project HOPEDirect CareIMPACT OF THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM ON APRN EMPLOYMENTETHICAL ISSUES IN ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSINGCERTIFICATIONTHE U.S. HEALTH CARE SYSTEMPRACTICE ISSUESINCORPORATING NURSING INTO ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSINGETHICAL ISSUES VERSUS LEGAL ISSUESProcess ModelsAPRN Regulatory ModelDOCUMENTATION AND CODING TO GAIN REIMBURSEMENTIndividual CharacteristicsMeso-Level SolutionsEDUCATIONAL AND PRACTICE CHANGESCNM and CRN A ReimbursementTRANSLATING RESEARCH INTO PRACTICEACCESS, QUALITY, AND COSTClinical Decision Making in Health-Illness ManagementPRESCRIPTIVE AUTHORITYDefinition of Scholarly PracticeCertified Registered Nurse AnesthetistsSetting Up a Medical CampPREFACEThe Art of NursingErrors in Clinical ReasoningNurse-MidwivesJordanUNDERSTANDING THE MARKETPLACE AND MARKETING THE APRN ROLEThird-Party PayersGLOBAL APRN ROLES AND TRENDSAPRN ROLESScandinaviaModel for Clinical ScholarshipJapanCriteria for CertificationInterprofessional Collaborative Team Education: Role of the APRNEducatorLEADERSHIP SKILLS AND EXPERTISE: KEYS TO APRN SUCCESS IN HEALTH CARE SYSTEMSClinical Nurse SpecialistsEvaluation of ResearchBlurred BoundariesCommonalities in Clinical Reasoning Across Health DisciplinesSCHOLARSHIP OF PRACTICE: APRN FACULTYTHEORETICAL AND CONCEPTUAL MODELSBilling and Reimbursement Issues
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