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Media and Social Justice

Social Justice Scholarship and ActivismDeeper Roots of Social Justice AdvocacyMedia Justice: A Gateway IssueFraming Media ActivismThe Social Justice FrameMedia and Social Justice: A Rationale for Teaching and ScholarshipComforting the Afflicted and Afflicting the ComfortableNotesI FrameworksGlobal Justice and Global Media. The Long Way AheadVideo Activism as a Way of Life. An Interview with DeeDee HalleckMedia and Democracy. Some Missing LinksHidden InjuriesSome Implications of the Public Connection ProjectMedia and Social Justice in ActionNotesA New Vision for Public Media. Open, Dynamic, and ParticipatoryWhat's the Big Idea?Leadership for Public Media 2.0NotesII CollaborationsSustaining Collaboration. Lessons from the Media Research and Action ProjectOne Mission: Three PhasesThe RewardsShared Space, Complementary RolesThe Challenge of SustainabilityThe Challenge of Multisector NegotiationsLessons LearnedNotesMedia Is Not the Issue. Justice Is the IssueThe Media Justice Fund at the Funding ExchangeThe Appalachian Community FundTennessee Health Care Campaign's Community Media ToolkitOhio Valley Environmental Coalition's Mountain Reporter NetworkCommunicating about JusticeNotesDetours through Youth-Driven Media. Backseat Drivers Bear Witness to the Ethical Dilemmas of Youth MediaHYPE: Context and Method of StudyPower and Powerlessness behind the CameraThe Rough Cut: "This Is Our Call to Action"Youth Cultural Production: Limits and PossibilitiesJessie's Intro: "In a Short Couple Bars, It's Like Exactly the Point"ConclusionNotesjAdelante! Advancing Social Justice through Latina/o Community MediaHistoricizing the Role of Media in Latino CommunitiesMedia Forums for Latino CommunitiesCommunity Service Learning and Social JusticeNotesIII Power StrugglesFeminism and Social Justice. Challenging the Media RhetoricFeminism and Social Justice in a Commercial Media WorldFreedom, Empowerment, and ChoiceGender Justice, Social Transformation, and Media Reform"What Is It You Haven't Got?"NotesDefending DissentDefamationWhistleblowersThe Web: Defamation HavensBackfireConclusionNotesSoftware Freedom as Social Justice. The Open Source Software Movement and Information ControlThe Problem: Proprietary Software, Bundling, and Vendor Lock-InWhat Is Free, Open Source Software?GNU and LinuxLegal Foundations for Open Source: The GPL and Free SpeechCreative Commons and the Notion of Socially Created ValueConclusionNotesWatching Back. Surveillance as ActivismI-Witness: Government Response to Inverse SurveillanceCountering Inverse Surveillance: The Borrowed Kettle AlibiNotesIV Media Justice Drawing and Effacing Boundaries in Contemporary Media Democracy WorkThe BackgroundPositions: Tensions and ComplementsThe Case of ScholarsConclusions, ReflectionsNotesFrom Psychological Warfare to Social JusticeFoundations for ChangeFord and the Media Democracy Movement, 1999-2008The Ford RecordConclusionNotesMedia Democracy in Action. Truth Emergency and the Progressive Media Reform MovementTruth Emergency: Keeping the Facts at BayFourth Estate Sale: Censorship, the "Free" Press, and Truth EmergencyReform Media Reform: Pursuit and Reporting of Truth Emergency IssuesWords from Our Revolutionary SponsorsNotes
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