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Functional structure

The functional structure of Starbucks Coffee's has an HR, finance, and marketing department. These departments are most pronounced at the top levels of the organizational structure at the corporate headquarters. For instance, the corporate HR department implements policies applicable to all Starbucks cafes. The functional feature of the firm's organizational structure facilitates top-down monitoring and control.

Geographic divisions

At present, the company has three regional divisions for the global market: China and Asia-Pacific, Americas, and Europe, Middle East, Russia and Africa. Also, in the US market, Starbucks involves further geographic divisions: Western, Northwest, South-east, and North-east. Each geographic division is overseen by a senior vice president. This way, each Starbucks manager reports to two superiors: the geographic head (e.g., the president of US operations) and the functional head (e.g., the corporate HR manager). This feature of Starbucks' structure offers closer managerial support for unique geographic needs. Each division head is given a high degree of autonomy to adjust their strategies and policies to suit specific market conditions.


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