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The Top 10 Key Points ...

  • 1. There is a widely held belief that satisfaction and performance go hand-in-hand despite the inclusive research about this link.
  • 2. Instead of only using the carrot and stick approach to motivate employees, we should concentrate on motivating people with the work tasks they do and how they are executed.
  • 3. In the past few decades, the mindboggling transformation in Western society and the rise of the knowledge worker have rekindled enthusiasm for finding meaning in work.
  • 4. The concept of human spirit and work refers to a sense of purpose and meaning experienced through work.
  • 5. Extrinsic rewards are less effective than we previously thought. And there is no doubting that people want more from their work than the promise of bonuses. The idea of using monetary incentives to induce greater performance is deeply rooted in our psyche.
  • 6. Instead of attempting to control work productivity with extrinsic rewards and sanctions, the work itself is the often untapped source for self-motivation.
  • 7. The three drivers of human endeavor are autonomy, mastery, and purpose.
  • 8. Autonomy is our desire to be self-directed.
  • 9. Mastery is our urge to get better and better at what we do.
  • 10. Purpose is our thirst to be part of something larger then ourselves.
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