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The Top 10 Key Points ...

  • 1. The most profound influence on organizational culture and its traits is the relationship between the owners of the business and their agents, management, and the employees of the business. It is the interaction patterns between organizational leaders and organizational members that shape the culture more than anything else.
  • 2. The new psychological contract framework consisting of eight values is juxtaposed against the traditional psychological contract framework to provide the necessary indicators for culture transformation.
  • 3. Flexible deployment is the capacity to apply a specific set of skills in a variety of ways.
  • 4. The underlying thinking of customer-focus is that everything thought about, said, and done in the business should have the customer in mind.
  • 5. Performance-focus—distinct from a job-focus—espouses a holistic perspective on employee performance.
  • 6. Balancing functional and cross-functional work structures enables organizational agility.
  • 7. Human spirit and work is concerned with tapping into the employee’s intrinsic motivation.
  • 8. Commitment is a pragmatic exchange between employee and employer; the employee commits to assisting the business achieve its objectives and the organization commits to assisting the employee to further their personal and career aspirations.
  • 9. The value of learning and development covers technical-, person-, and problem-centered dimensions.
  • 10. Open information, as we discussed in the last chapter of Part II, is concerned with opening an information channel that encourages and equips employees to perform in proactive ways.
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