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Analytic metaphysicians have yet to respond to the critique of ETMG satisfactorily, and its positive theses are worthy of further exploration. In particular, the account of composition, the scale relativity of ontology, and the theory of real patterns are more plausible than the standard approaches to the special composition question, which itself illustrates how metaphysics can become so decoupled from science as to be pointless. Prima facie composition in condensed matter physics and particle physics fits with the overall account of emergence in terms of real patterns in ETMG. Particles exist when there are effective particle degrees of freedom at some scales. Particles are definitely not composed by some general part-whole relation, but are the products of dynamics and interaction among the real patterns of more fundamental physics. Prima facie, things hang together because of the modal structure of the world that is described by the symmetries and laws of scientific theories.

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