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Whole-genome and high-throughput sequencing

Recent advances in DNA sequencing technology have led to the ability to rapidly and very inexpensively (< $100; and probably < $10 in the immediate future) sequence the whole genome of a yeast strain (see Reuter et al., 2015, for an up-to-date review of high-throughput sequencing technologies); in turn, this has led to an explosion in the number of yeast genomes that have been fully sequenced - at current count, the number of S. cerevisiae whole-genome sequences in the literature and public databases is on the order of a few hundred, representing strains isolated from all manner of environments, including brewing-related yeasts; but this number is likely to grow into the thousands as sequencing costs fall even further. Other chapters in this book (see Chapters 4 and 6) will delve in much more detail into the insights about lager, ale, and other brewing yeasts that have come from the analyses of their genome sequences; we merely note here that the availability of high-throughput sequencing will be invaluable for all genetic work with brewing yeasts going forward, for example performing the types of genome-shuffling QTL analyses described above, and for possible genetic modifications as described below.

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