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Interview protocol

  • 1. What were your reasons for taking part in the twelve-month infant observation?
  • 2. What was your understanding of what would occur during the twelve-month infant observation?
  • 3. Had you ever taken part or known of anyone else who had taken part in an infant observation? If so, what was your experience or what were you told of their experience? Did it influence your decision to take part in an infant observation?
  • 4. What did you imagine it would be like?
  • 5. Were there any concerns/anxieties about taking part in this twelve-month infant observation?
  • 6. Were there any concerns/anxieties during the twelve-month infant observation?
  • 7. What was the experience for you at the beginning of the observation?
  • 8. Were there changes in how you experienced the observation over time?
  • 9. How would you describe your relationship with the observer over the twelve months?
  • 10. What was it like having the observer come into your home for one hour every week?
  • 11. What was it like having your baby observed every week?
  • 12. Did it influence the way you related with your baby in that time?
  • 13. Could you describe if it may have influenced, or impacted on, your relationship with your baby?
  • 14. Could you describe if there were any changes in the way you perceived your baby as a result of having an observer present?
  • 15. Could you recall if the observation had any impact on any aspect of your mothering?
  • 16. What impact if any, do you feel the observation/observer had on your baby?
  • 17. What was it like for you when the observation was coming to an end?
  • 18. How did you feel when it ended?
  • 19. What impact if any, do you feel the ending of the observation had on your baby?
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