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Four and a half months—the weaning continued

When I arrived at the house I could hear Nikhil's cries. He was sitting in his rocking chair in the living room. He was crying but Prashant took him for a ride in the chair. The mother asked him to put the chair in front of me. Nikhil had stopped crying and was grinning at me. After this we had almost half an hour to ourselves as everyone seemed to be busy with their own work. He seemed to be in a wonder looking at me laughing and giggling as well. He would look at me for some time then stare off in the distance and after some time repeat this. Once I tried to play hide and seek and hid behind my hands and he cried out and a look of fear passed over his face. I told him that I was sorry if he was disturbed and as if he understood he calmed down. When his brother played a little roughly with him or he heard his mother he would put a fist in his mouth. His talking increased as if he wanted to tell me something, that he was missing his mother. During the last two or three visits his grandmother did not seem to be interacting much with him or holding him in her arms as she had done before although she played from a distance. Today he was very active and smiling a lot. I could not help getting caught up in his enthusiasm. He has a habit of putting fingers in his mouth and he even took one of my fingers and put it in his mouth. He did not suck it when he realised it was a finger, not a nipple.

Later at another point he started crying so loudly that he turned red in his face. I could not help but feel panicky seeing him like this and it seemed that he wanted me to understand this.

His mother came with a glass of milk and started feeding him with a spoon. I asked if this was cow's milk and she explained that she had started weaning him a month ago. He takes soups, celeriac, and rice products. He still has breast milk but this is no longer enough. She said she was glad that he was taking other liquids but sad that she could not provide enough milk.

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