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Masculinities and the Adult Male Prison Experience

The ResearchMasculinitiesWhy Is Masculinity Important in the Criminal Justice System?PerformanceReflexivitySummaryReferencesDoing Prison ResearchIntroductionThe FieldworkPrison EthnographyThe Reflective ProcessThe Individual, the Social, and the ResearcherThe Female ResearcherThe Individual PrisonerThe Prisoner CollectiveSummaryReferencesCorporeal MasculinitiesMale Bodies and the Prison EstateClothingControlling and Protecting the SelfReflexive NoteSummaryReferencesTemporal MasculinitiesTime, Imprisonment, and MasculinitiesTime, Punishment, and GenderThe Masculine Value of TimeWorking Time: Working MenPast, Present, and Future MenReflexive NoteSummaryReferencesSpatial MasculinitiesSpatiality, Power, and ResistanceSpatial Security: Spatial LimitsMasculinity and the Prison CellMasculine Sporting SpacesReflexive NoteSummaryReferencesRelational MasculinitiesLabelling Prison RelationshipsDifferentiationHarmful Masculine InteractionsStaffReflexive NoteSummaryReferencesVulnerable MasculinitiesMasculine VulnerabilitiesIndividualism without Individuality, and the Vulnerability Dichotomy of PrisonsVulnerability to OthersVulnerability from the SelfExperiences of VulnerabilitiesVulnerabilities: The Outside WorldVulnerabilities: The World within the PrisonVulnerabilities: The SelfOwnershipReflexive NoteSummaryReferencesGender in PrisonControlThe Control of OthersThe Control of SpacesThe Control of the SelfVisibility and the 'Audience That Matters'The 'Audience That Matters'Gender and VisibilitySummaryFinal ThoughtsReferencesAfterwordBibliography
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