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A short course of lectures
«The colder war»

Daring to NoticeSecond Chechen WarBringing Modern Technology to Old FieldsEnergyVision and PrincipleAfghanistan: The Bear TrapWinking at OPECWhat Putin Wants in UkraineVouchersThe Putinization of OilThe Great Game and the End of the Cold WarSoftening UpEuropean BurnersIran: Sanctions, Coups, and RevolutionsHumbling the OligarchsProtecting RussiansOn the Fast TracksRattling around the Shaky House of SaudAfterwordForewordand the ManGazpromHere We Go AgainSurvive and ThriveThe Tide of CommerceThe Lost DecadeShort-Term FixesMaidan Up CloseWhat You Can DoIsraelPost-Petrodollar AmericaThe Ultimate SourceGas TransportBeyond Europe and BackBetter PipesThe Dollar Shoots ItselfOil PipelinesAcknowledgmentsPutin's Uranium SuperstoreHands on GeorgiaSyria: Why Do We Care?Toward the EndgameThe Putinization of UraniumA Trail of BodiesOil, War, and PeaceHands off GeorgiaThe Transient SurplusThe Putinization of GasThe BufferGo BigKurdistan—The Would-Be CountryBahrain's ImportancePutin the StatesmanLong-Term ShortagePutin InstalledCrimea Comes HomeIraq's Oil HistoryIraq: The QuagmireThe Slavic WarriorEuropean MarketThe BombingsNailing KhodorkovskyLast ExitDropping the HammerSevastopolTwilight of the PetrodollarAbout the AuthorPutin at WorkThe ProcessPutin's Best OfferArctic OilThe First DropThe Yukos WayBig Boy PutinScience LessonThank you, Mr. NixonThe Middle East Oil, Wars, and the Great GameMove to MoscowBeyond the Common Economic SpaceAfter the USSRRosneftLittle Boy PutinLand of OpportunityThe End of the Lost DecadeBack to RiyadhGoing to School in MongoliaThe First NickelUkraineThe PioneerEveryone's DollarDon't Forget to VoteDarts at the DollarLiquefied Natural Gas
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