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A short course of lectures
«The colder war»

The First DropAbout the AuthorWhat Putin Wants in UkraineMove to MoscowIsraelWhat You Can DoGazpromEuropean BurnersHere We Go AgainThe Transient SurplusRattling around the Shaky House of SaudA Trail of BodiesMaidan Up CloseScience LessonProtecting RussiansAfghanistan: The Bear TrapIran: Sanctions, Coups, and RevolutionsGoing to School in MongoliaThank you, Mr. NixonThe Putinization of UraniumThe PioneerThe Middle East Oil, Wars, and the Great GameHumbling the OligarchsLittle Boy PutinLong-Term ShortageThe Dollar Shoots ItselfDarts at the DollarDon't Forget to VotePutin's Best OfferPutin InstalledAcknowledgmentsGo BigOil, War, and PeaceSyria: Why Do We Care?Bahrain's ImportancePutin at WorkSoftening UpSecond Chechen WarVision and PrincipleBack to RiyadhEveryone's Dollarand the ManVouchersThe BufferIraq's Oil HistoryHands on GeorgiaDaring to NoticeBeyond the Common Economic SpaceWinking at OPECLiquefied Natural GasRosneftBringing Modern Technology to Old FieldsThe Ultimate SourcePost-Petrodollar AmericaThe ProcessTwilight of the PetrodollarThe BombingsThe Putinization of OilToward the EndgameCrimea Comes HomeOn the Fast TracksThe Yukos WayPutin the StatesmanIraq: The QuagmireUkraineBetter PipesLast ExitThe Great Game and the End of the Cold WarGas TransportBig Boy PutinArctic OilThe Putinization of GasThe Slavic WarriorAfter the USSRSevastopolOil PipelinesEuropean MarketSurvive and ThriveKurdistan—The Would-Be CountryThe Lost DecadeThe Tide of CommerceDropping the HammerThe End of the Lost DecadeForewordBeyond Europe and BackNailing KhodorkovskyAfterwordHands off GeorgiaThe First NickelLand of OpportunityEnergyShort-Term FixesPutin's Uranium Superstore
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