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Nuclear industry

The nuclear industry also produced a list of non-technical skills for control room operators, which appears to have been based on the earlier University of Texas behavioural markers for pilots. Team skills for nuclear power plant operating staff have also been identified by O’Connor et al. (2001), and include six categories: shared situation awareness, team-focused decision-making, communication, co-ordination, influence and team climate. This taxonomy of team skills has been designed for training and feedback purposes. Moreover, a list of non-technical skills required by members of nuclear emergency response teams has been identified (Crichton and Flin, 2004), and describes the five critical skills as being decision-making, situation assessment, communication, teamwork and stress management.


Using a number of the methods described above, such as critical incident interviews, observations, questionnaires followed by asking panels of experts to refine and organise these, sets of non-technical skills that can be observed and rated have been developed. These include ANTS for anaesthetists (Fletcher et al., 2003), NOTSS for surgeons (Yule et al., 2006), OTAS for surgical teams (Healey et al., 2004), and UTNR for neonatal resuscitation teams (Thomas et al., 2004).

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