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This work has performed experiments investigating the mass transfer kinetics between Si and three synthetic SiO2-CaO-Al2O3 slags, with respect to Al and Ca, for different time steps at 1600 °C. Different experimental setups were performed, but only one yielded reliable results. The experimental results were found to be differ greatly from the expected behavior and values found in the literature. This was discussed, and it was found that while the values might not be valid the relative behavior of especially Al was safe to consider. The behavior was then viewed in light of a traditional batch reactor model [2], and compared to industrial data for oxidative ladle refining from Kero et al. [3]. It was found that Al exhibits a behavior which can not be expressed by the batch model alone, and some thoughts on this was shared. To give any definitive answer more experiments need to be performed to be able to say anything for certain.

Further Work

Experiments looking at the reproducibility of the experiments performed in this work are now under way, with further experiments looking at bigger crucibles in the works. For the bigger crucibles more novel sampling techniques are being investigated to allow for a more reliable sampling. Additionally some modeling work is being done to investigate the theoretical behavior of the impurities at a slag/metal interface as individual particles witch respect to their movement and reactions.

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