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The surface tension with the increase of basicity is also increasing. With different Al2O3 content, the surface tension increases with the increase of A12O3 content in the slag system when the basicity < 2.0. On the contrary, when the basicity > 2.0, the surface tension decreases with the increase of A12O3 content in the slag system.

The melting temperature and the melting range of the experimental slag are gradually expanded by increase of basicity and content of Al2O3 and MgO. However, the effect of the slag system will gradually decrease with the Al2O3 increasing. The increase of the content of magnesium can improve the melting temperature of slag system and decrease the melting range.

Acknowledgements This work is financially supported by item sponsored by National Science Foundation of China (NO. 51474124,NO.51504131,NO. 51504132NO.51674139NO.51604148) and Anshan Science and technology project (NO. 4104).


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