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A short course of lectures
«The Integrated Reporting Movement»

Report QualityStrategy and Resource AllocationThe International Integrated Reporting CouncilKing IIFOUR IT TRENDSTHREE EXAMPLESStakeholder EngagementB. Methodology for the Materiality Matrices ReviewThe Spirit of Integrated ReportingAnalysisMETHODOLOGYWebsite ContentSERVICE PROVIDERSAcknowledgmentsA. Comparing the Ford and Daimler Materiality MatricesOUR REFLECTIONS ON THE SOUTH AFRICAN EXPERIENCEInternet UseInformation TechnologyA POSSIBLE SCENARIOAuditing and Assurance on Nonfinancial InformationCOMPARING DIFFERENT DEFINITIONS OF MATERIALITYNovo NordiskGOVERNANCEINTEGRATED REPORTING PROCESSESCONTEXTUAL REPORTINGDimension Definitions and LabelsBig DataSPECIAL FACTORSThe Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa's Discussion PaperISSUES WITH THE MATRIXSAP 24BALANCING MARKET AND REGULATORY FORCESMATERIALITY FOR INTEGRATED REPORTINGSOUTH AFRICA'S JOURNEY TO INTEGRATED REPORTINGMotivesOutlookIssue Identification and DescriptionTHE SIX CAPITALSGlobal Initiative for Sustainability RatingsSOUTH AFRICAN ASSESSMENT OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN EXPERIENCEA. Methodology for Analyzing 124 Company Integrated ReportsSocial MediaFINAL REFLECTIONBALANCING EXPERIMENTATION AND CODIFICATIONDisclosure of Nonfinancial KPIsGovernanceCOMPANIESWEBSITE FEATURE ANALYSISOrganizationsOne Report: The First Book on Integrated ReportingCONTENT ELEMENTSGlobal Reporting InitiativePublishing to External AudiencesDisclosure of RisksGREATER ADVOCACY FROM THE ACCOUNTING COMMUNITYSUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS AND INITIATIVESOrganizational Overview and External EnvironmentThe Integrated Reporting Committee of South AfricaMATERIALITY IN ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTINGPhilipsCDPMaterialityUses of the MatrixTHE UNIQUENESS OF SOUTH AFRICAADOPTIONWORLD MARKET BASKETSustainable Stock Exchanges InitiativeCloud ComputingStakeholder Identification and EngagementNew Wine in New BottlesRisks and OpportunitiesA SHORT HISTORY OF THE MATERIALITY MATRIXNaturaCEO LetterTHE CURRENT STATE OF MATERIALITY MATRICESThe Solstice/Vanity StudyKing IIISelf-Declared Integrated ReportsIIRCThe Four CellsAVERY BRIEF HISTORY OF FINANCIAL REPORTINGReporting WebsitesPhilips and United TechnologiesSustainability Accounting Standards Board Connectivity of InformationPublishing to Internal AudiencesWEBSITE CATEGORY ANALYSISLeveraging These TrendsAudience FilteringFROM THE MATERIALITY MATRIX TO THE SUSTAINABLE VALUE MATRIXSouth AfricaAbout the AuthorsMaterialityInteractivityIdentificationCharacteristics of the ReportACCELERATORSNovozymesCorporate Sustainability Reporting CoalitionRegulationKing ITHE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF MATERIALITYForewordValidationMeaningACHIEVING CLARITY REGARDING THE ROLES OF KEY ORGANIZATIONSBusiness ModelReport QualityAUDIENCEAWARENESSIssue ScoringMultistakeholder InitiativesASSURANCECODIFICATION: CREATING COMMON MEANINGAUDIENCEPerformanceMomentumDisclosure of Forward-Looking InformationGRI, SASB, CDP, and GISRAnalyticsFour RecommendationsEXPERT COMMENTARY: THE FIRST REFLECTIONS ON INTEGRATED REPORTINGTrends in Sustainability ReportingREGULATORSClimate Disclosure Standards BoardNovo NordiskMaterialityPrefaceCOMPANY EXPERIMENTATION: EXAMPLES FROM THE FIRST INTEGRATED REPORTSA. Methodology for Website CodingBig Four Accounting Firms and Accounting AssociationsDirector Remuneration and Board TransparencyEndorsementsThe Sustainable Value Matrix
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