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A short course of lectures
«The Integrated Reporting Movement»

PerformanceTHE SIX CAPITALSAbout the AuthorsACCELERATORSForewordBALANCING MARKET AND REGULATORY FORCESIIRCGRI, SASB, CDP, and GISRRisks and OpportunitiesAVERY BRIEF HISTORY OF FINANCIAL REPORTINGMETHODOLOGYISSUES WITH THE MATRIXThe Sustainable Value MatrixBusiness ModelPhilipsFINAL REFLECTIONA. Methodology for Website CodingWEBSITE CATEGORY ANALYSISIdentificationSOUTH AFRICA'S JOURNEY TO INTEGRATED REPORTINGKing IIPublishing to External AudiencesCorporate Sustainability Reporting CoalitionPhilips and United TechnologiesThe Spirit of Integrated ReportingB. Methodology for the Materiality Matrices ReviewCONTENT ELEMENTSTHREE EXAMPLESWORLD MARKET BASKETKing IIIDisclosure of Forward-Looking InformationOrganizational Overview and External EnvironmentSelf-Declared Integrated ReportsInformation TechnologyGlobal Initiative for Sustainability RatingsCDPConnectivity of InformationThe Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa's Discussion PaperBig DataA POSSIBLE SCENARIOUses of the MatrixCOMPANIESASSURANCEPrefaceStakeholder Identification and EngagementMultistakeholder InitiativesINTEGRATED REPORTING PROCESSESA. Comparing the Ford and Daimler Materiality MatricesIssue ScoringCharacteristics of the ReportNovo NordiskMomentumREGULATORSThe Integrated Reporting Committee of South AfricaFOUR IT TRENDSSocial MediaDisclosure of RisksSUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS AND INITIATIVESStakeholder EngagementMaterialityOrganizationsTHE UNIQUENESS OF SOUTH AFRICAA. Methodology for Analyzing 124 Company Integrated ReportsKing ITHE SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF MATERIALITYReport QualitySERVICE PROVIDERSMATERIALITY FOR INTEGRATED REPORTINGThe International Integrated Reporting CouncilWEBSITE FEATURE ANALYSISInteractivityLeveraging These TrendsTrends in Sustainability ReportingFROM THE MATERIALITY MATRIX TO THE SUSTAINABLE VALUE MATRIXStrategy and Resource AllocationEXPERT COMMENTARY: THE FIRST REFLECTIONS ON INTEGRATED REPORTINGNovo NordiskAudience FilteringCONTEXTUAL REPORTINGReporting WebsitesCOMPANY EXPERIMENTATION: EXAMPLES FROM THE FIRST INTEGRATED REPORTSClimate Disclosure Standards BoardSAP 24AnalyticsOne Report: The First Book on Integrated ReportingCEO LetterAUDIENCEValidationBig Four Accounting Firms and Accounting AssociationsOUR REFLECTIONS ON THE SOUTH AFRICAN EXPERIENCEMotivesAUDIENCEReport QualityAWARENESSInternet UseAnalysisNovozymesGOVERNANCEMATERIALITY IN ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTINGIssue Identification and DescriptionTHE CURRENT STATE OF MATERIALITY MATRICESSOUTH AFRICAN ASSESSMENT OF THE SOUTH AFRICAN EXPERIENCESustainability Accounting Standards Board Director Remuneration and Board TransparencyWebsite ContentSPECIAL FACTORSMaterialityGlobal Reporting InitiativeCloud ComputingGREATER ADVOCACY FROM THE ACCOUNTING COMMUNITYACHIEVING CLARITY REGARDING THE ROLES OF KEY ORGANIZATIONSNew Wine in New BottlesThe Solstice/Vanity StudyOutlookCODIFICATION: CREATING COMMON MEANINGAcknowledgmentsMeaningMaterialityGovernancePublishing to Internal AudiencesDisclosure of Nonfinancial KPIsSouth AfricaEndorsementsAuditing and Assurance on Nonfinancial InformationSustainable Stock Exchanges InitiativeBALANCING EXPERIMENTATION AND CODIFICATIONRegulationCOMPARING DIFFERENT DEFINITIONS OF MATERIALITYFour RecommendationsA SHORT HISTORY OF THE MATERIALITY MATRIXADOPTIONDimension Definitions and LabelsNaturaThe Four Cells
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