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Replicating data is an alternative method for integrating microservices. But care should be taken that the data replication does not introduce a dependency on the database schemas by the back door. When the data is just replicated and the same schema is used, the same problem occurs as with a shared use of the database. A schema change will affect other microservices, and the microservices become coupled again. This has to be avoided.

The data should be transferred into another schema to ensure the independence of the schemas and therefore the microservices. In most cases, Bounded Context means that different representations or subsets of data are relevant for different microservices. Therefore, when replicating data between microservices it will often be necessary to transform the data or to replicate just subsets of the data anyway.

A typical example for the use of replication in traditional IT is data warehouses. They replicate data but store it differently. This is because the data access requirement for a data warehouse is different: the aim is to analyze lots of data. The data is optimized for read access and often also combined, as not every single data set is relevant for statistics.

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