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Citizens Speak Out on Social Media about Government

Social media warfare is not just for the big guys. Rather, everyday citizens from around the world like to speak out about what is wrong or right about government, and they do that rather prolifically. Some of the citizen journalists have a considerable fan base of thousands of followers. Perspectives are varied with some being rather bitter and spiteful, while others are rather thoughtful and insightful. A search of social media sites on August 23, 2016, yielded several postings that expressed how people feel about their government. The essence of some of the tags and subject lines found include

  • ? Arch -nemesis of patriarchy and bad governance
  • ? Bad government, bad business, bad environmental results
  • ? Big Government and mainstream party politics are bad
  • ? Big Government Has Many Scandals
  • ? Conservative, Pro-gun! Anti-Obama/Hillary
  • ? Criticizing the government is the way to deal with bad government
  • ? Government is bad for business
  • ? No to bad Government by any Party
  • ? Blame government for bad things in life
  • ? Too much government is bad government
  • ? Government is incompetent and corrupt
  • ? Many people question the need for government
  • ? Time to expose reckless government
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