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Seminar Discussion Topics

Discussion topics for graduate- or professional-level seminars are

  • ? What experience have seminar participants had with governments monitoring social media or restricting access to the Internet and social media applications?
  • ? What mechanisms should be in place for private citizens to report violations of their privacy when using social media?
  • ? How can social media applications be employed by private citizens or groups to expose violations of their privacy by local law enforcement agencies?

Seminar Group Project

Divide participants into multiple groups with each group taking 10—15 minutes to examine how the social media warfare tactics of self-validation, influence, reinforcement, persuasion of non-aligned entities, recruitment and indoctrination, and relationship building can be used as defensive social media warfare tactics. Upon completion, have groups exchange their lists of defensive social media warfare tactics, with groups taking 10—15 minutes to develop offensive measures to effectively counter the defensive tactics. Meet as a group and discuss the defensive tactics selected by the groups and the offensive measures to counter the tactics that were developed by the groups.

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