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Support for Military Families in Social Media

The U.S. military has used social media warfare to build relationships, validate its mission, and influence society in general. An August 28, 2016 review of social media accounts by non-military organizations or individuals did not reveal much in the way of discord or discontent. The review did show that members of the military and their families have many sources for support and information on the Internet. Some of the sources of support have a considerable fan base with thousands of followers. Stags and subject lines in these sources include

  • ? National Military Family Association
  • ? Military OneSource: resources, referrals, consultations and counseling
  • ? Military Avenue: Supporting the Needs of American Military Families
  • ? Joining Forces Michelle Obama & @DrBiden’s initiative to serve military and their families
  • ? Military Homecomings: families reunited with their loved ones
  • ? Operation Homefront: strong, stable, and secure military families
  • ? Boot Campaign: patriotism, veterans’ issues, assistance to military
  • ? GEHiresHeroes: Tweets GE news, jobs, and other items of interest to veterans
  • ? VoteVets: 450 ,000+ veterans, family, supporters working to protect veterans’ interests
  • ? GiveanHour: free mental health services for military members and families
  • ? Ops OnceinaLifetime: Once in a Lifetime experiences for military members and families.
  • ? Operation Shower: Hosting baby showers for military families
  • ? Women Veterans ROCK: Coalition of Women Veteran and Advocacy Organizations.
  • ? Veterans Writing: Veterans Writing Project provides no-cost writing seminars for veterans, active service members, and family members
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