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Citizens Speak Out on Social Media about Corporations

As they do about governments, rather normal, everyday citizens from around the world like to speak out about what is wrong or right with corporations and corporate behavior. They do so as prolifically as they do about governments. Some citizen journalists have a considerable fan base with thousands of followers. An informal survey of social media posts conducted on September 1, 2016, revealed what many people feel or think about corporations. Perspectives are varied with some being rather bitter and spiteful while others are rather thoughtful and insightful. This is the essence of some of the tags and subject lines found:

  • ? Bad Corporation!: The many ways that corporations repeatedly screw people
  • ? Bad Corporate Tweets: Work on your social media game
  • ? Bad Corporate Hashtags: Mocks stupid corporate hashtags
  • ? The wave of public anger over being screwed by corporations
  • ? We Hate Wal-mart: It is accused of dishonorable and illegal acts
  • ? We all hate Wal-Mart: Tells us our real-life stories!
  • ? Cashier at Wal-Mart hates his job
  • ? I am for Animal Rights, Hate MONSANTO
  • ? Hate Monsanto with passion
  • ? Corporate War Crimes: Legal issues on allegations of corporate violations of human rights
  • ? Corporate Crime Wave: Stop poisoning us with GMO's
  • ? Expose and prosecute corporate crimes and help victims
  • ? End Child Labor: Millions of children engaged in child labor and do hazardous jobs
  • ? GoodWeave: Working to stop child labor in the carpet industry
  • ? Coalition to stop worst forms of child labor and child slavery
  • ? Problems with palm oil production: Destroying rainforest, endangering wildlife, displacing indigenous people
  • ? The Equal Pay Coalition: Fighting to close the gender pay gap
  • ? Fans raising money to gain equal pay for female pro athletes
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