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Agenda for Action

Special interest groups vary in nature from hate groups to healthcare research, from religious organizations to shared-interest communities. Any type of special interest group can benefit from some social media warfare tactics and become a victim of tactics being used against it. Action steps for special interest groups should include, but not be limited to, the following areas:

  • ? Each type of special interest group should observe and analyze which social media warfare tactics will work best for them and which tactics can do them the most harm.
  • ? Human rights special interest groups should continue to monitor and catalog social media posts that promote discrimination, bigotry, and hate against the constituency that they serve.
  • ? Each type of special interest organization should develop guidelines for their staff, volunteers, and supporters to follow when making social media posts and responding to other social media posts.
  • ? Staff, volunteers, and supporters of special interest organizations should actively report social media post violations and hateful rhetoric or threats to the social media application provider.
  • ? Law enforcement agencies should continue to monitor the social media warfare activities of hate groups and those groups that promote bigotry or violence.
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