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Seminar Discussion Topics

Discussion topics for graduate- or professional-level seminars:

  • ? What experience have seminar participants had with political campaigns where social media warfare strategies or tactics were deployed?
  • ? What would seminar participants do differently in their use of social media warfare tactics than what the candidates in the 2016 election campaigns did?
  • ? How would seminar participants control social media warfare tactics use for a political campaign?

Seminar Group Project

Divide participants into multiple groups with each group taking 10—15 minutes to develop a list of social media warfare blunders they observed during the 2016 elections in the United States. Upon completion, have groups exchange their lists of social media warfare blunders, with groups taking 10—15 minutes to develop measures to effectively prevent social media warfare blunders. Meet as a group and discuss the blunders selected by the groups and the measures to prevent blunders that were identified by the groups.

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