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Key Terms

Bias-free police and court practices are criminal justice practices that do not discriminate against any type of minority and treats all citizens equally.

Citizen journalist is an individual who uses technology such as smartphones to record police or government representative actions and disseminate that evidence to the community at large and to interested activists.

Civilian oversight boards are independent boards not comprised of police officials or officers that review and examine complaints of police misconduct.

Community engagement strategy is a policing strategy that brings citizens and civic groups into a partnership with policing practices and public safety concerns.

Constitutional and effective policing is the use of policing practices that simultaneously protect the constitutional rights of citizens while effectively addressing public safety concerns.

Discriminatorypolicing practices are practices that target specific segments of the population including minorities of any type.

Economic exploitation in this context is the excessive fining and penalizing of citizens for minor offenses in order to raise revenue for a governmental entity.

Policing style is the manner and procedural conduct by which policing is managed in a community.

Predatory policing methods are policing methods that are not designed to protect life or property but are geared toward raising revenue for a governmental entity.

Public safety issues encompass actions or conditions that impede the everyday functioning of a community and the protection of life and property.

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