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We will conclude this chapter by looking at the reporting website use of three leading integrated reporting companies previously mentioned in this book: Novo Nordisk, Philips, and SAP.14 In highlighting their websites, we simply wish to illustrate some of the interesting and useful things being done today that could be replicated with modest effort by any company of significant size. Each company scored high on its integrated report and corporate reporting website.15 Novo Nordisk uses its website to supplement the PDF version of its integrated report with rich detail and interactive games. The approach to website use at Philips is similar to Novo Nordisk's; however, unlike Novo Nordisk's site, Philips engages the website visitor with video presentations. SAP is distinctive in that it places much greater emphasis on making the site itself, rather than a document, the basis of its integrated reporting.

Novo Nordisk

While Novo Nordisk's primary communication vehicle for the company's integrated report on financial, social, and environmental performance is a PDF document that can be viewed online or downloaded, information supplementing the annual report, as on materiality and stakeholder engagement, is available via the Home Page with a single click on the "Sustainability" tab.16 Materiality is covered at a very high level in the integrated report. Using the path, Home; Sustainability; Our Priorities, brings the reader to six topics: Access to health, Responsible business practices, Our people, Environment and climate change, and Communities and Bioethics. Each topic, in turn, has links to as many as six subtopics, each of which can be explored further. "Our positions," a subsection of Sustainability, also provides position papers on issues of relevance to Novo Nordisk and insights into how the company views its role as a global corporate citizen. In addition, the website also presents interactive games17 that simulate business ethics, climate change, and economics and health dilemmas illustrative of the trade-offs the company might encounter among its stakeholders. Finally, the company recently introduced a publication called "TBL Quarterly" (for Triple Bottom Line) which "tells the actions, challenges and opportunities of conducting a sustainable business. Each quarterly issue offers articles, photos, videos and infographics that demonstrate how responsibility supports long-term value creation."18

Like materiality, stakeholder engagement is not covered in depth in the PDF report. Rather, the "Sustainability" page links to a discussion of stakeholder engagement that identifies several key stakeholders and makes clear that patients are the ultimate stakeholder to which the company must hold itself accountable.19 In addition to consulting with employees, investors, suppliers, and other business partners and neighbors, the company considers memberships in industry and business associations, advocacy organizations, and affiliation with think tanks to be integral parts of stakeholder engagement.

Insofar as "behind the scenes" website user tracking features are concerned, Novo Nordisk tracks content areas by interest to the company's stakeholders (seen in Table 8.13) via the number of downloads. Few users downloaded quarterly financial figures for 2011 and 2012, most likely because this information is readily available elsewhere, but they expressed a high level of interest in how much of the company's shares are held by management, management's interpretation of accomplishments and results in 2012,

TABLE 8.13 Most Viewed Sections of Novo Nordisk Annual Report 2012



Management's holdings of Novo Nordisk shares Accomplishments and Results 2012

Consolidated financial, social and environmental statements


Our business

Quarterly financial figures 2011 and 2012 Additional Information Outlook 2013

Governance leadership and shares

1086 402 286 246 149 79 36 24 23

Note: Special thanks to Novo Nordisk for providing this data, especially Susanne Stormer, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability; Christina Salomon, Project Manager, Corporate Sustainability; and Scott Dille, Team Leader, Insights and Outreach. Specific sections of Novo Nordisk's 2011 and 2012 annual reports can be downloaded and viewed from Novo Nordisk's reporting website. Although only overall count data is provided on the number of downloads, we surmise that those visiting and downloading information from the annual report are an accurate reflection of the company's stakeholders.

the consolidated statements of all types of performance, and what assurance has been given on the report.21

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