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From Hunger to Malnutrition: The Political Economy of Scientific Knowledge in Europe, 1918-1960

Hunger in EuropeHunger and Health: a DiscussionFrom Demographic to Nutritional TransitionNutrition and Organic DevelopmentThe Politics of Hunger in the 20th CenturyCirculating KnowledgeDimensionsA New Historical ContextNutrition and Health: the Political Economy of Scientific Knowledge in the 20th CenturyThe Political and Economic LandscapeFrom Hunger to MalnutritionNutrition and HealthNutrition, Health and European CitizenshipThe Political Economy of Scientific KnowledgeHunger at the CrossroadsThe Production of Scientific Knowledge and Social Practices: the International ResponseNew Experts and New Institutions in the Fight against HungerNutrition and Public HealthNutritional Status: Health, Physiology and ClinicsThe Physiology of Nutrition and Optimum DietRural Dietaries and the Problem of Feeding HabitsAgriculture at the Service of NutritionDefining RisksPeasants, the Unemployed and other Risk Groups: the Effects of War and DepressionCoping with Nutritional Deficiencies and MalnutritionLooking for Standards of Food QualityFood, Famine and Relief in WartimeThe Impact of the Civil War on the Spanish Nutritional ConditionFamine and Nutritional Deficiencies during World War IIFood Rationing Systems during World War IIFood Consumption Levels during the WarStarvation, Malnutrition and Experimental Research in the CampsThe Post-war Food Crisis and the Impairment of Health ConditionsLevels of Food Consumption in 1946Post-war Food ReliefNegative Effects of Famine upon the Public Health of the European PopulationThe Global Politics of Food and HungerFrom the International Institute of Agriculture (IIA) to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) The Origins of the International Institute of AgricultureFirst Steps for the Foundation of the FAOBoyd Orr and the Failed World Food BoardWorld Food Surveys (1946-1960): Economy, Science, and PoliticsThe First World Food Survey (1946): the Pre-war Food Picture and Strategies for the Short TermSurveys on the State of Food and Agriculture in Europe (1948-1949)The Second World Food Survey (1952)Consumption, Nutrition and HealthFood Consumption Targets for 1960Joint FAO/WHO Nutrition CommitteeFirst Steps towards a Joint FAO/WHO Nutrition CommitteeSevere Malnutrition in Times of DisasterFood ManagementMalnutrition: Physiological, Clinical and Therapeutic AspectsExperiments on Fermented FoodNutrition, Public Health and EducationBurnet and Aykroyd - Nutrition in Public HealthEducation in Nutrition in SchoolsHome Economics and Schools of Domestic ScienceEducational Work among Rural PopulationsNutrition in Public Health ProgrammesEducation and Training in Nutrition
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