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Motivational Problems

The results revealed that both high and low English achievers encountered some motivational problems during their English learning and the motivational problems were similar for high and low achievers. The motivational problems encountered by low English achievers are summarized as follows:

  • 1. Some aspects of English learning, such as memorizing new words and listening, were difficult, and they felt frustrated when they did not do well in English learning;
  • 2. They did not want to work on the English learning tasks because of laziness;
  • 3. Some English learning tasks were dull and mechanical;
  • 4. English learning conflicted with the study of other courses;
  • 5. The surrounding environment distracted them;
  • 6. What was learned about English was not practical.

Similarly, high English achievers also encountered certain motivational problems during their English learning, for example, frustration from doing badly in some aspects of English learning, bad emotions, dullness of some English learning tasks, influence of the environment, and conflict of English learning with learning of other subjects.

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