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A short course of lectures
«Trade in Climate Smart Goods»

Data and data requirements for gravity analysisRationale for Market Access AnalysisRegression ResultsTrade Liberalization of CSG and Other Specialized Products: Comparative Analysis Using SMARTHypothesesRegression ResultsOther Benefits of being Part of an Economic AgreementGravity Analysis For Trade Of 20 Specialized Products Of EcuadorFuture ResearchLimitations of the StudyResearch ProblemGravity Analysis: Export Potential in CSG for Other Countries targeting EcuadorSimulations Done Using Smart Analysis (Within Wits) For Working Out The Liberalization Impact Of CSG Trade Of Ecuador With Mercosur And China, Japan, Us And Eu In 2010Background and Importance of the Climate Smart GoodsRevealed Comparative Advantage, Export Specialization Index and Product Concentration of Climate Smart Goods in Ecuadorian Exports: A Comparative Analysis with IndiaEcuador Trade Relations with Other Countries on Total Trade and Specific Products: A Quantitative Analysis using Trade IndicesExport Potential and Basis of Trade of Climate Smart Goods and Specialized Products of Ecuador Using Gravity AnalysisExport Potential of Ecuador to Some Selected Countries: Gravity AnalysisUse of Trade Indices to Understand Trade Relations of Ecuador for Climate Smart Goods, Total Trade and Specialized ProductsTrade Indices to Understand Ecuador's Integration to World MarketsGravity Analysis: Potential of Trade (Export) for Ecuador in CSG Products in 2010Trade Creation & Trade Diversion and Total Trade Effects in SMART (Quantity Effects of Tariff Liberalization)Environmental Sustainability in EcuadorSmart Analysis For Trade In Specialized Products Of EcuadorGravity AnalysisInternational and National Policies to Promote Trade of CSG
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