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Research methodology

This qualitative study took place between 2011 and 2013. It relied on two sources of data: semi-structured interviews (3 participants) and entries in reflective journals. As is characteristic of semi-structured interviews (Flick, 2009), no fixed questions were posed to all the participants. Instead, open questions were introduced on a set of topics, such as the participants' background, their daily teaching practices, and their views on interactions with Danish students. The second source of information consisted of researcher-generated materials, including reflective journals, which I - as the researcher - maintained during the two-year research period.

Three native Chinese language teachers (NCLTs) participated in this study. In order to qualify as native Chinese, the teachers had to meet three criteria. First, they had to be ethnic Chinese; second, they had to be from Mainland China; and, third, they had to have completed tertiary education at a Chinese university. For the purposes of the study, all teachers were ascribed a pseudonym and all locations and personal data were deliberately modified. I will now present each participant in turn.

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