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Affective and relational issues

Five of the six teachers also hold affective issues as a critical part of FLT. Recall that P21 and P25 both valued humour and a good connection with students. P41 remembered one 'nice old teacher' who taught the pedagogy class in his college. P1 was less concerned that a student would get a right answer than with that student's speaking in class, even to the point of telling the student to make up an answer to a question.



Sometimes, for example, you say, 'Dao muqian wei zhi.' We learned today,

'Dao shenme shenme wei zhi. Dao bu xiang wei zhi ... Zhongguo he Meiguo jianliwai you guanxi duo chang shijian le?' Ranhou ta shuo, 'Oh, bu zhidao.' [whispering, as to a student] 'Oh, make it up, think it up.'

'Oh, wushi duo nian le.' ... So if you are just too serious, probably you are kind of scared to say, 'Oh, I don't know,' you know? (P1)

Sometimes, for example, you say, 'Up "til the present time."' We learned today, 'Something up "til the present time."'

'How long have China and America had foreign relations between their two countries?' Then a student says, 'Oh, I don't know.'

[whispering] 'Oh, make it up, think it up.'

'Oh, more than 50 years.'

Teaching L1 is different than teaching L2

For all the teachers, L2 teaching is different than L1 teaching. For the US-side teachers teaching Chinese, there is no base of oral language on which to draw, and no natural linguistic support outside of the classroom as there would be in China. P5 finds he must remind the parent- teachers at his weekend Chinese school that their kids do not have the rich linguistic foundation in Chinese that children in China would have. Conversely, for the China-side teachers, linguistic confidence can be an issue. P25, who teaches English, said that she would be much more comfortable teaching Chinese, as it would allow her to feel more confident in her content knowledge, and also allow her access to a rich variety of authentic material to bring into her classes; she feels she lacks this ability in English.

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