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There were two notable differences in the teachers' lived experience of foreign language teaching. One was that teachers in the United States had to leave yu ren behind. Teachers in the PRC, for their part, were more consciously theoretical than their US-side counterparts. P21, P25, and P41 are all critically assessing what parts of CLT they can bring into their teaching, without worrying about following a 'correct' CLT line. P41 captures this view of the place of theory in the Chinese FLT classroom well. When asked if he felt there was a conflict between what he learned in the UK and the realities of the Chinese classroom, he demonstrated a judicious attitude.

As a teacher, you are the master of your classroom. ... First of all, like, first of all, I have a judgment; I can judge what is suitable, what is proper. Then I just, you know, choose those proper ... like for example, what I learned [in my MA], what I do here, and just use those useful things. (628)

P41 is not attempting to replicate in China what he learned of CLT in the UK. Rather, he is critically applying what he thinks might work in China. This is reminiscent of Tsui's and Wong's (2009) 'third space', that place where Western theory and Eastern practice can combine in novel ways.

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