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Note on Statistical Analyses, Data Sources, and Chinese Materials

The original manuscript of this book contained elaborate presentations and discussions of statistical analyses (in chapters 4-7), detailed descriptions and documentations of data sources, and a full listing of the page numbers of published statistics used in tables and figures. To make more efficient use of the limited space available and to avoid distraction for general-interest readers, these materials, along with notes on interviews with informants and additional information items, are posted at a website created and maintained for this book: The main text instead focuses on summarizing and interpreting the results of data analyses. The tables and figures in the book only indicate the titles and the years of the statistical sources used.

The bibliography lists materials in Chinese separately from those in English. Throughout the book authors of Chinese materials are cited by full name instead of surname only. Following the Chinese convention, surnames of these authors are placed before their given names. For brevity, Chinese statistical publications are referenced by abbreviated titles instead of authors.

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